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Supper Club Venues in London

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Supper Clubs are the latest thing for the trendy foodie, usually a pop-up event, the supper club is a hybrid of private dinner party and restaurant, with the more relaxed informal atmosphere of a dinner party, but with full restaurant service, thereby saving you any of the food preparation, table service or clearing up afterwards. Supper clubs are often elaborately themed, and sometimes top-secret affairs, and of course with the Capital’s fabulous range of restaurant venues to choose from, finding your perfect supper club venue in London has never been easier.

How to Start Your Own Supper Club

Do you love to cook? Are your friends and family always trying to get a dinner invite every time they see you? If you’ve dreamed of a career in the food industry but aren’t really sure about the best way to go about it, you should consider starting your very own supper club. Supper clubs happen as regularly as you want them to, so if it’s not your full-time job, then you don’t need to stress about it. They can also be whatever size you want. They are designed to be intimate, so no one is expecting you to cook for a hundred people a night. Interested? Here’s some tips to help get you started:

Define Who You Are

It’s all very well saying that you are going to start your own supper club. You probably have tons of ideas, recipes you want to try, and themed events that you want to explore. Yet when starting out, it’s best not to get ahead of yourself. In order to attract guests during your opening weeks, you need to have a set vision of who you are, and what you want to do. Now, this might involve a changing and varied menu each month exploring new cuisines, or it could be settled on one theme or style. Whatever it is you decide to go for, you need to make that decision early on and stick with it – so long as it’s feasible of course. Without an exact vision in mind, you are going to struggle to set up your supper club, and customers aren’t going to be interested in trying you out.


You might have all your plans nailed down, know exactly what you want on your menu, and how you want your supper club to run. But don’t rush into anything. Try it out on family and friends and ask for honest feedback of what they think. Of course, this will always be a little bit biased, but it’s still an important thing to do. It’s easy to run head-first into a project but by taking things slowing and working it all out in an exacting way, you’ll end up with a supper club that runs smoothly and tastes great too. Remember as well that you’ll be inviting paying guests eventually, so they’ll expect to get their money’s worth.

Pick the Right Venue

Many supper clubs are held at home, which gives them that wonderful mix of restaurant quality food and relaxed atmosphere. Yet by hiring out a venue for a few days a month, you can give your guests much more room, and you will have a much bigger kitchen to work with. Hiring out a venue can also help you form the theme that you are looking for from your supper club. Is it cool and chic, or rustic and laidback? The venue you choose will depend on the atmosphere that you are looking to create, as well as the food that you are preparing. Luckily, supper clubs are becoming more and more popular in the city, and so there are loads of supper club venues for hire in London.

Start a Mailing List

Your mailing list is going to be the primary way that you advertise new supper clubs and get people signing up for them. To create a list initially, you’ll have to market online through social media, but soon the majority of your customers will find out about you through word of mouth. If people like what you do, then they are bound to tell their friends about it. Having a basic website where people can add their name to the mailing list and book tickets for your next event is essential. You can put pictures up of past events and explain to everyone how it works and what they are to expect. Once you have a developed mailing list, you’ll soon find your tickets sell out fast!

Reward your Loyal Customers

Those who have been with you from the start and are regulars at your supper clubs will soon make themselves known, and it’s only right that you reward their loyalty. You can do this in any number of ways but the best one is probably through giving them freebies. Why not offer a free ticket after someone has attended five of your events? Or a bottle of champagne? Anything that you can do you make your customers feel valued is a major plus. Even for first time customers, giving them something that they can take home will be a wonderful memento of the night. This can be anything from a magnet to some sweet treats that they can eat later at home and remember the wonderful evening they’ve enjoying your supper club.

Encourage Photos

While you might not exactly like your customers having their phones out at the table, it’s important that you recognise the importance that social media has when it comes to creating a following. While word of mouth is likely going to bring in many of your customers, everyone likes being able to post pictures on their social media, and every little bit of publicity helps. Creating a unique hashtag for each event and having a general one that covers your whole supper club will help others to decide if it’s something that they would like to attend as well. Using these hashtags, you can set up a photo competition for each of your supper clubs, with a prize to the one who captures your dish the best. Plus, if everyone is taking pictures, then your presentation just has to be perfect!

Everyone loves good food and good company, which is what makes a supper club such a fun event to host! It’s not as difficult as you may think to get started, and they key is to keep things small and take things slow while you find your feet.

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