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Welcome to our collection of vacant spaces that are available for hire in London. Though they may come as blank canvases, allowing you the opportunity to take the reins when it comes to style, décor, layout and overall finish, there is still a surprising amount of variety on offer. From ultra-modern galleries and studio spaces to industrial converted warehouses, from grand halls in historic buildings to outdoor expanses of vacant land, from intimate meeting spaces to vast open-plan layouts ideal for large-scale gatherings; you can find it all and then some here at Canvas.

In this section you can browse our extensive collection and choose from some of the most unique and versatile event spaces, all of which are available for competitive prices and can be found in fantastic locations throughout East, West and Central London for any number of different occasions.

Make Your Gallery Opening a Success

Showing your work is always nerve-wracking, especially if it’s a gallery opening dedicated solely to your art. It can be hard to know where to begin with something like this, which is why having a good checklist is so important.


The most work obviously comes before that actual event, but don’t be daunted! Give yourself plenty of time and you’ll have it all organised in no time.


As with any event, planning is key. Write a checklist of everything that you need to do, along with the dates that you need to get them done by. Knowing what date you want your opening to be on is the first step, but don’t advertise this until you have confirmed the venue.


Choose your Artwork

Part of the planning process for a gallery opening is knowing what paintings/ sculptures/ photographs that you are going to display. This isn’t always easy. While you might know what your best pieces are, it can be hard to choose from the rest of your work. That’s why it’s good to start from a theme. If there is one piece of art or a series that you want to be the focus, develop a theme around them. While there may be some other pieces you want to display, if they don’t fit with this theme, set them aside. Work on the name of the exhibition that you will be using on all of your promotional material. Choose artwork that will be a range of prices, so that there is something for everyone.



Where you hold the exhibition is key to the success of the opening. Make sure that it is not in an awkward location to get to, allows catering, and that there is plenty of room for both people and artwork. While cosy spaces can be intimate, you need to think about how many people might attend before you commit to a smaller space. Vacant spaces for hire in London mean that you can find something truly unique that can fit your needs and the theme of your art. If you go for a more traditional gallery space, talk to them and find what their code of conduct is and whether your ideas will be suitable. Communication with the curators will be key.



Refreshments will be expected at a gallery opening, so make sure that you can provide them. Canapes and wine are the traditional, but if that doesn’t fit with your style, then mix it up a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with craft beer can cocktail sausages, so long as it doesn’t look out of place!



Once the planning is well underway, you’ll need to start promoting the event. Now is the time to get a catalogue together and printed.  Have a poster for it that you can use to advertise on social media as well as physically. Make sure that the details on your website are all up to date. No one wants to Google you only to see previous works and no mention of your opening.


Hang Your Work

Supervise the hanging and placing of your work, so that you know that everything is in the right place. Depending on the venue, you might need to get volunteers in to help you transport and move artwork for you.



Get a good night’s sleep before the opening - and try and relax! At this stage, there’s nothing more that you can do, so congratulate yourself on your organisational skills.


On the Day

It’s the day of the opening and it’s all come together wonderfully! Now you just need to get through the event and sell some artwork.


Know What to Say

You’ll be expected to make a speech of some kind, so make sure you have prepared this in advance. Even if someone else is hosting, a few words of thank you are still appropriate. You will have people asking you questions about your pieces, so make sure you know what to say. Don’t make it up on the spot but be able to delve into the technique and emotions of any of your pieces.


Talk to Reviewers

Talking to reviewers and bloggers will help to get your name out there so be polite and give them your time, answering any questions that they might have about your work and it’s meaning. Try and get their details so you can add it to your mailing list and look up their review.


It’s important that you get yourself out there on opening day and talk to as many people as possible. Get the people you know to introduce you to others and take yourself around the gallery. It will surprise you how many potential buyers there will be, and they will all want to talk to the artist.



It’s over and everything went smoothly, but you’re not done yet! While you can relax, there are still a few things to keep working on.


Thank Yous

After the event, it’s important to email out thank yous or send cards to everyone who made it a success. Let them know that you appreciate all that they have done to make the event what it was. Send an email out to your entire mailing list thanking everyone for attending.


Keep Your Catalogue Up to Date

With any luck, you’ll have sold a few pieces straight away! It’s important to keep your online catalogue up to date, so potential buyers won’t be disappointed if they get in contact with you directly.


Keep Promoting

While the opening is over, you want to keep up interest in your work for as long as possible. Blog about the show immediately afterwards and post on social media every time you sell a piece. If you get reviews, make sure you share them to keep up the buzz.

When it’s all on you, hosting a gallery opening is hard work, but it’s worth it to see the whole thing come together. Keep calm and follow a good plan, and you’ll soon see the benefit of all of your hard work.

FAQs Vacant Spaces to Hire in London

What is a vacant space?

A vacant space is an available space that can be used for hosting a whole host of different events. As these spaces do not have a fixed, long term occupant, they are incredibly versatile and are particularly a great solution for providing short-term affordable spaces for art projects, workspaces, rehearsals, events and community projects.

What type of vacant spaces can you hire in London?

London has lots of vacant spaces that are available for hire in London, including ultra-modern galleries, studio spaces, industrial converted warehouses, grand halls in historic buildings and outdoor vacant spaces available to hire. Whether you’re looking for an open-plan layout for a small scale or large-scale gathering, there’s plenty of options available.

What are the benefits of a vacant space venue?

Vacant space venues are ideal for putting your own stamp on your event and ensuring that you always stand out from the crowd. As empty shells, vacant space venues give you complete freedom make a space your own, add your own personal touches and ensure that it caters for your own unique theme, vision and the style of event you are going for.

What type of events can you host in a vacant space?

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making use of a vacant space for a wealth of different events, including: • Pop-up events • Product launches • Large parties • Weddings • Art exhibitions • Music events • Team building days • Dance lessons • Birthday parties • Engagement parties With so many unique and versatile event spaces, all of which are available for competitive prices, London won’t let you down when it comes to opening your eyes to the possibilities that come hand in hand with a vacant space.

What factors should you consider when looking for the perfect vacant space?

When looking for a suitable vacant space for your event in London, you should take into account all of the factors you generally would when looking at other venue options including the following: • Space available • Capacity • Location • What’s included? • Parking • Accessibility • Atmosphere • Amenities ?

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