The best Autumn wedding trends

Are you breaking from a traditional wedding and going for something a little different? Breaking away from traditional ‘wedding season’, perhaps? Planning and having an autumn wedding has so many benefits – which is exactly why they are creeping up in popularity.

Not only can you really play around with the season as a theme (in a really beautiful way, may we add!), but by being an autumn bride or groom means you can sneak in the last of the sunny and warm weather, get slightly cheaper rates AND avoid a fair few angry guests with no clashes with summer holiday plans or terrible traffic. Practical and beautiful, you say? We’re in.

So, what are the main autumn wedding trends then?

Autumn wedding venue trends

london field arches

If you’re on the hunt for an autumn wedding venue, you want to go for something that’s in with the trends, right? Rustic style venues – as ever – are top of the list for many brides and grooms. Whether that’s a barn in the countryside or a more industrial space (which you can find a lot of in London!), it’s so easy to create an autumnal feel that your guests won’t forget; one that will blow all those wedding from summer out the park.

The unpolished bohemian feel is the look that everyone is after this year, but this season you can make it pop even more with classic autumnal shades, foods and florals. When it comes to that boho chic look, you need the natural look contrasting with the more modern. That’s why industrial and warehouse venues are so sought after. They are the ideal blank canvas venue to transform into everything you could hope for for your big day.

Autumn wedding flower trends

autumn wedding flower trends

With wedding flowers, you’re always best to keep it seasonal. Going out of season will not only be more effort but will cost you more of that wedding budget too. The main autumnal trend is rustic, and that’s easily accomplished with flowers.

Sticking to pastel and neutral colours is the ‘in thing’ for this season; that includes misty blues, iced blues, and ivory over white. Peonies are a great option, but if they aren’t to your taste, you can find a whole range of blooms to match.

Incorporate that industrial trend, which we already mentioned, by adding some metallic to your bouquet and flower arrangements for an added edge. It’s a twist on the classic (and timeless) romantic theme, for sure.

If you do opt for a blank canvas venue, this kind of flower choice will create a really magical look for your wedding venue. Take the mystical look even further by decorating with falling or hanging foliage and blooms.

Autumn wedding reception trends

tanner and co warehouse venue

What reminds you of autumn? Probably the crispy leaves, the pretty colours, and getting dark earlier, right? Incorporate this into your wedding décor in your reception venue. Keep the colours rustic and natural, and dot candles and fairy lights around the venue to create subtle lighting (and a very magical effect).

With your centrepieces, the popular things for brides and grooms is to stick to florals, fruits and evergreen. Fruits of deeper tones like figs, pomegranates and grapes will be a nice touch to the autumnal colour scheme and theme. The trend is to lower centrepieces for this season, so let your pieces make their way across the tables instead of

Mirrors can bring that metallic element (that we are clearly loving so much this season!) and boost your chosen lighting effect too – whether you’re going for fairy lights, candles or chandeliers.

Autumn wedding food trends

autumn wedding food trends

We never like to limit people on their favourite foods, but one thing we will say is that ‘zero waste’ is a theme of the year – not just this season. That means to make sure whatever you are serving your guests should be locally sourced, well portioned, and accompanied by things like linen napkins and glass or paper straws. Set up recycling bins too – there might just be a wine bottle or two to chuck in there once it’s finished…

On top of this, food and drink stations are still a wedding trend that is going strong, and we don’t want to see them go any time soon really. It’s ideal for the post-wedding breakfast snacking, whether you go for the whole hog with a burger or hot dog van, or whether you follow your sweet tooth with an ice cream van.

If the wedding budget doesn’t hold out for a food truck, you can’t go wrong with an autumnal cheese and crackers board for later in the night. It’s a wedding guest favourite, and you can make it extra seasonal by decorating the plate with autumn favourites like pears, figs, apples and grapes.

Autumn wedding cake trends

autumn wedding cake trends

We can’t forget the wedding cake, can we?! Autumn is voting for humble over high; that means less is more. This season is all about the subtlety which means you can ditch the fancy fondant icing and go for the more simplistic naked cake trend.

Simplistic doesn’t mean boring though – far from it. Get your cake matching your wedding reception décor by adding flowers and greenery to your cake sponges for a real chic autumn look. Or maybe you fancy doing something totally different for your big day? Anyone for a bit of autumn apple pie? Pies and apple or spiced-flavoured goodies have ‘autumn’ written all over them (and will undoubtedly be gobbled up in minutes).