The Best Large Rooftop Venues In London

London has many rooftop venues to choose from, but not all of them are bars with a view, or even offer happy hour, even if reviews may indicate that the best rooftop bars for hire should always have a great view. Because of this it’s important to carefully select your rooftop space to make sure it has everything you need, and that it’s big enough to accommodate your intended use. The restaurant or purpose of your event, such as a New Year’s Eve celebration is also important, but there’s more to think about if you really want to have a great party. We’ve hand picked some of the best and largest rooftop locations from our collection, and presented them for you below.

Roundhouse and Rooftop Gardens

Roundhouse and Rooftop GardensIn the Victorian era, the Roundhouse and Rooftop Gardens was actually an old repair shed for steam engines. Since then it’s become one of the hottest rooftop venues in London, with legendary performers like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Lady Gaga, and even Jay-Z appearing there. In terms of music, you can’t talk about iconic places without mentioning the Roundhouse, and with good reason. It’s got an 1,800 person capacity space, and is available for corporate and private hire – with so much room on the rooftop that you can even have a swim. Everything from dinners to receptions and private parties can be held in the location’s 32,000 plus square feet of event area, and it’s one of the most memorable spaces in the city.



Of all the spaces in London, few offer the rooftop diversity and outdoor areas of the Egg LDN. In fact, with four separate rooftop and outdoor areas, it’s one of London’s more popular rooftop venues, hosting a range of private parties, Christmas parties, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and corporate events. With an on site kitchen, and more than 5,500 square feet of space that easily accommodates up to 1,400 guests, it’s big enough to host award ceremonies, product launches, live music gigs, and even fashion shows. Offering four separate rooms that can be individually themed, and close to Kings Cross and several other stations, the Egg LDN is an event space you won’t want to miss.