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Planning a health and wellness event in London

The whole wellness trend has really popped over the past few years, and it’s a trend that is definitely here to stay. London is a place full of foodies and fitness fanatics, all trying to find the next best thing in the world of wellness. Whether it’s a health food fair, a fitness festival, a yoga pop-up, or something completely unique, a well-planned and promoted event in this field will go down swell. We’re sure of it.

Stuck for ideas or in need of some extra inspiration? We’ve got some top tips for planning a health and wellness event in London right here:


Food and drink

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Ah, a favourite topic of ours to talk about. The food and drink you choose for your event can be a dealbreaker for many. It’s all too common that guests come away from an event with a strong opinion solely based on the food that was provided. “Not enough”, some may say. “They didn’t even have gluten-free options”, others shout. There’s no drama quite like the drama of hungry and disappointed guests.

When it comes to planning a health and wellness event, food and drink becomes even more important. I know, it would seem quite impossible. But alas, you’ve got to give the people what they want. Food and drink is a big part of health and fitness, as well as exercise. We’re talking far more than just a buffet of grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, low-cal dressing, and a bit of courgetti. This big blow-up of interest in health and fitness has opened our eyes to so much more options for #cleaneating.

Depending on your budget, consider getting in some health food experts and caterers. A food truck to be extra trendy perhaps? Or a smoothie or mocktail bar? If you’re not quite sure about going non-alcoholic for your health fair or event, there are plenty of healthier alcoholic options out there too, as well as health brands you could potentially work with.


Nothing makes an event stand out more than having activities going on left, right and centre that guests can participate in. With health and wellness events, these activities obviously tend to be fitness related. Consider competitions and fitness challenges for your guests, maybe some team-building exercises too?

With such a huge interest behind health and fitness these days, talks and top tips could be a great addition to your event too. From motivational speakers in front of a big crowd to nutritionists hosting a workshop, people will love to hear what professionals have to say and learn more about healthy living and lifestyle.


It’s always good to give parties or events a certain type of theme. A theme – be it subtle or extravagant – helps to reign in your ideas. Quality not quantity and all that. Like we said, it doesn’t need to be anything grand if that’s not the vibe you’re going for. It can be as minimalistic as you like, but you’ll no doubt want some sort of displays and decor around. Whatever you’re going for, think about it carefully. Think about how best your venue or location can be dressed.

Freebies and goodie bags

You love a freebie, we love a freebie, everyone loves a freebie. Think about what you could give your guests to taste or take home at your event. From food tasters and free massages to discounts and vouchers, you can have these handed out by staff, piled up at stands or handed out in goodie bags. Start planning these early though, you’ll never know what deals and partnerships you might find out there.

This is also where you could start thinking about sponsors too. Think smart and think outside the box! Maybe you can team up with food brands or catering groups, local health clubs or gyms.


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Last in the list, but certainly not least: where are you going to hold this event? If it’s a big, fair or festival type event, you’ll be looking for a large, open space – potentially a garden or outdoor area for a marquee, or a large indoor area like Old Billingsgate. If it’s just a small pop-up, you’ll probably be on the hunt for something like a gallery, blank canvas space, or something a bit quirkier and with its own personality.

There are lots of spaces that already fully support the health and wellness motion. Venues that have been organising and providing for events that have this healthy and eco-friendly mindset for a long, long time. A lot of the time, these kind of venues will have great contacts and recommendations for you to use too. All you have to do is ask!

With so many venues and event spaces out there, you do have your fair share of choice on where to go for. With Canvas, you can be as brief or selective with your venue search as you like – we’re just here to help you find the best of the best in London. We’ve even got a blog post on the best venues for a health and wellness event, but you can also use our search feature with all the specifics, or have a little scroll down to our different categories. Go on, you know you want to… 

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