How to plan an office summer party to remember

If you’re in charge of planning an office summer party for 2019 and you want it to be a memorable one (in a totally positive way, of course), start getting those plans together now!

summer party ideas

You should be plotting all those summer party ideas, from the food and drink to the activities and entertainment. As an office party, you’ll most likely have a budget to work with – and you’ll undoubtedly want to get the most for your money. Who doesn’t? That’s exactly why it pays off to start planning and booking things in early.

Besides, summer will creep up on us before we know it. We’ve only got a couple more months left of unpredictable British weather, and maybe a Beast from the East or two to contend with first…


summer party ideas

As a London venue people, it’s hard not to mention venues. Venues, venues, venues (sorry). But it’s true: one of the first things you need to do when planning any sort of event is looking into where you’re going to have it.

Where you have it will be determined by the number of guests you are hoping for, among other things, AND will determine what you can do can actually at the summer party. You know, things like entertainment, noise restrictions, time restrictions. When it comes to viewing or enquiring about venues, these are the kinds of questions you want to ask – just to make sure you get the office party you want.

Then we come to what type of events space you’re after. London is full of ’em, which means we’ve got a lot to choose from… maybe too many if you’re feeling particularly indecisive. So, think about what you actually want from your summer party.

Are you looking for a blank canvas venue which you can decorate with your company branding and other decor yourself? If you’re having a drinks reception or maybe a sit-down meal, this could work well. Or perhaps you want a venue where you can embrace the summer sun? An outdoor venue or events space with a garden would work perfectly for this. Or a larger venue with a small breakout space?

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we’ve got London’s most cracking venues on our site – all at your disposal! Have a browse through these summer party venues, and find one you fancy.

Food and drink

summer party ideas

With summer party food and drink, it’s actually really easy to keep simple. There’s no need for a three-course sit down meal, it can be as easy as a buffet of salads, sandwiches and the likes. If you’re planning a marquee or garden party, how about canapes or even a barbecue? Food trucks have also been a massive trend over the past few years too.

The idea of guests being able to help themselves certainly has a summery feel to it, and it will help to reduce food waste too – ideal if you’re planning an eco-friendly event. A set three-course dinner is all well and good when your guests are 1) not fussy when it comes to food and 2) hungry, but giving them the option of what to put on their plates means they can have exactly what – and how much – they want. Not to mention when they want it. So if that’s half a helping… or four helpings… it’s more flexible and fitting with the summertime vibes.

Do find out about any food allergies and intolerances before you start writing up that menu. Plus, make sure you include vegetarian and vegan options on your menu too. There are so many summer recipes out there that will go down a treat with everyone – not just the veggie and vegan guests. Trust us!


summer party ideas

Now, we’re not saying you and your colleagues have to go all out on the fancy dress here (but we’re all for it if you do). It doesn’t even have to a really specific theme either. How about festival or carnival theme? Maybe a beach theme?

Then, whatever theme you go for, you can get decorations to match. It might even give you some inspiration for your food and drink menus too. If you have the chance, scout out your venue to see what will work and where you can use your decorations. It’s all about the atmosphere… and maybe a few Hawaiian necklaces here and there, just for fun.


summer party ideas

What can your summer party bring to the table to make it more than just a stand-around drinks or networking event? Think about your entertainment options – that might be getting in some professionals in the entertainment industry (did someone say ‘magician’?) or maybe activities for the guests to participate in.

We’ve spoken about the rise of activity bars in London before, and we probably won’t stop speaking about them for a long time. That’s because they’re great. They’re great for a night out, and they’re great for a corporate party or away day too. Activity bars are fun and bring people together, whether you’re all friends already or need a bit of persuasion through the magical bond of healthy competition. If this is an important aspect of your office summer party, then why not book somewhere like Flight Club or Swingers? They’ve got a great space to ‘just hang out’ in too.

For something more relaxed, you can plan in activities and games yourself. Just work with the space your venue or events space gives you. Who doesn’t love a bit of garden jenga?

What have you got in store for your staff summer party this year? We’d love to hear your ideas.