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If you are planning a leaving do for work, and looking for ideas or good pubs or venues for leaving drinks in London, we can help. Bidding farewell to colleagues or employees is a great chance to celebrate their achievements, both in a work capacity, and personally, friendships etc. Of course it can be an emotional time for many, but the leaving party need not be a sad affair, give your soon-to-be-departed a proper send-off with our selection of leaving-party venues.

How to Organise a Leaving Party to Remember

A member of your team is leaving to pastures new or retiring. You want to send them off with a bang, right? After all, you’ve worked closely with them for a while now, so it’s only fitting. Yet no one likes the tea in styrofoam cups and the sad cake, while someone makes an awkward speech. You want to organise a leaving party that everyone will remember. Well, we have just the list to help you do it.


Choose the Date

The key to choosing the best date for a leaving party is to not have it too early, but not have it too late either. Sometime in their last week works perfectly, but probably not their last day. This is particularly important if it is going to be a surprise party – they might have other plans for their last day of work, as well as a final handover to colleagues. You don’t want a party to get in the way of this.


Decide on the Guest List

Who is going to be invited? If your company is a large one, then it’s not going to be everyone, but who from each team should get an invite? If they know about the party, ask the person leaving directly. They might work really closely with someone that you’re not even aware of. Are you still in contact with other past colleagues? If it is a retirement party, they might appreciate a surprise blast from the past by inviting some old faces to join in and reminisce.


Pick a Venue

Are you keeping it in the office? Or going out for lunch? Perhaps the party is going to take place after working hours so that everyone can let their hair down. Whatever your thoughts, having a venue that fits everyone comfortably is a must for any type of party. Leaving party venues for hire in London range from a cosy pub, to a fine dining experience, so be sure to know the type of atmosphere that you’re trying to create before searching.


Order Food

No party is complete without some food. Whether this is pizza ordered on to the office, or a meal out, a party equals food, and so everyone attending will expect some. This is a chance to show how well you really know your departing colleague by choosing something that you know they love to eat. They’ll really appreciate the sentiment, so ask around for hints about their favourite dish. Make sure that there is plenty of it, and if you are having a meal out, the person leaving shouldn’t be asked to pay for their own.


Get Others to Contribute

You shouldn’t do this all by yourself, so ask others to organise some parts of it and delegate tasks out. While one person sorts the decorations, another can be sending out the invites. It’s important that everyone attending chips into the cost as well – leaving parties don’t always come out of the company budget. The more contributions that you have, the more that you can do. Make sure you ask people early for their donations and lay out your plans for the party, so they know exactly what they are paying for.


Organise a Leaving Gift

A leaving gift is essential at this type of event, but it can be really difficult to know what to buy for someone. The type of gift will depend on how long they’ve been with the company, and whether they are retiring or moving on – as well as their personality. If in doubt, a gift card is always well received, but a joke present can be included as well so that there’s something for you all to have a laugh about. Again, everyone should be making a contribution to this, even those who can’t attend the actual party.


Make Time for Speeches

Is it even a leaving party if there aren’t speeches? Maybe even a few tears? Make sure hen that you pick a time for these to happen. Whether it’s before dinner or after you present the gift, make sure that the person who is thanking your colleague knows when to expect it.  Schedule it in and stick to it. While you might all be having a great time, you’ll regret it if you miss out the speeches!


Take a Group Photo

It’s a great idea to get a picture taken of the whole group so you can have a memento of the night. This is something that you can send on to the colleague who’s leaving, as they might not have another picture of themselves with their work colleagues. If someone amongst you has a good camera, this is even better. Don’t forget to take some more snaps throughout the night as well!


Keep it Fun

While it’s a leaving party, it’s still a party, and no one wants it to be gloomy. Keep the talk centred around funny moments, and even organise an activity like karaoke if your venue permits it. You want to ensure that the only tears at this leaving party are tears of laughter.

No more sad office parties! If someone is leaving your company, they are going to know that all of their hard work has been appreciated, because you are all going to show them. No matter what venue you decide on, the atmosphere is what counts the most, so keep it upbeat.

FAQs Leaving Party Venues in London

What is a leaving party?

Are you looking to throw someone a leaving party to remember? Whether a colleague is moving onto pasture’s new, a loved one is moving to a new country or your son or daughter is flying the nest and heading off to university, there’s lots of reasons why you might choose to host a leaving. After, a leaving party not only provides the perfect opportunity to show someone how much they are loved and appreciated but it also offers the perfect chance for you to say goodbye and good luck! There’s lots of exciting venues in London that provide a fantastic setting for you to host a leaving party to remember.

Why do people host a leaving party?

Going away parties are a great opportunity to let someone close to you who's moving away know just how much you appreciate them, how much you will miss them and how loved they are. It’s a chance for you say goodbye properly and make more special memories.

What type of venues are suitable for hosting a leaving party?

Although some people opt to keep celebrations small and sometimes at home, there’s plenty of people who look to host a leaving party at an all singing, all dancing venue! And, the capital is certainly not short of great spaces that are perfectly equipped to bring all of your favourite people together! There’s lots of venues available to book including the following: • Restaurants • Clubs • Stately homes • Blank canvas • Hotels • Music venues • Galleries • Country homes • Ballrooms • City mansions • Riverside venues

Leaving party ideas

Leaving parties are a great opportunity to say we’ll miss you” and that you are excited for their next adventure. If you are tasked with planning a leaving party, there’s of exciting leaving party ideas that you can consider including the following: • Bon Voyage • Happy retirement • Future destination theme • Going away dinner party • Dress up • This is your life theme

Why choose London to have your leaving party?

London is a fantastic city and with so much to see, do and enjoy, it really does provide the perfect destination to host a leaving party to remember, especially if your guests are heading to London for the weekend, for the occasion. With iconic landmarks to explore and discover, world class restaurants to enjoy and plenty of sights and sounds to keep you busy, London is always buzzing!

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