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By their very nature, dance studios often provide generous open-plan space. This makes them ideal not only as a rehearsal space but also for a wide range of other events, performance related or otherwise. From a small dance studio to a grand, historical hall, neutral blank canvases to rich and immersive buildings, slick and contemporary spaces to characterful gems; we’ve got almost every possible taste catered for within our extensive selection, making us confident that you’ll find a venue that grabs you.

Offering competitively priced dance studio hire that is suitable for a range of different budgets, our venues are all featured in fantastic locations throughout the length and breadth of London, making them easily reached via public transport from both in and out of the city. Take a look and start planning your next event today.

Top Tips for The Perfect Dance Recital

A dance recital is always fun. Being able to show off what your dance group can do, what you’ve choreographed, and what you all work so hard doing can give you a real boost. Yet it’s not an easy thing to bring together. What with all the time spent in rehearsals, it can be easy to forget what all needs to be organised. That’s why we’ve come up with these top tips to follow to ensure that you get everything ticked off of your list.

Choose a Theme

When deciding to produce a dance recital, the first thing that needs to be discussed with your committee is what theme you are looking to have. This will decide the music as well as the venue choice and costume design. Without it, you won’t know what type of dance to choreograph for your groups of dancers. While each part of the recital can be different, it should all come under one overarching theme that your audience can recognise and that you can promote easily.  This can be anything that you want it to be but needs to be decided upon early.

Music and Choreography

Careful attention should be paid to the range of dancers and their individual skills and talents. A recital is about making everyone shine to the best of their ability so this needs to be remembered when choreographing and choosing the music. It can be a range of modern and classical songs of course, but remember to not stray too far away from your overall theme otherwise your audience will be in for a shock.


Choosing a venue for your recital should be straightforward. Afterall, you know how much space you need, and how much of an audience you are expecting. Theme is again important when considering venue as there are such an array of dance studios available for hire in London. These vary considerably from the ultra-modern to the more traditional in style. The staging of course needs to be thought of. Is there enough room backstage for costume changes and props? Consider the lighting as well. Is it adequate for what your performance needs? The last thing that you must insure when looking at venues is if it is free not only for your recital, but for the many rehearsals that will be needed beforehand. You will need as much time in it as you can get. It also helps if it is not too far for everyone to travel to, as all of the dancers will be spending considerable time there!


Costumes need to be thought of and prepared early on in the planning stage. Not only do they all need to fit, but they need to be 100% ready to go in plenty of time so that you can have full dress rehearsals. Lots of hiccups can occur at this stage so not only do you need to consider how much time everyone has to change and how difficult the outfits are to get on, you’ll also need to think about whether hair and make-up will need to change as well. Always have a reliable seamstress or tailor on hand to help if any last-minute costume mishaps occur.

Get Volunteers

For a dance recital, volunteers are essential. Not only can they help greet the audience and ensure that everyone is seated on-time, they will also be able to help with valuable work backstage. From changing sets to helping with costume changes and even lighting, having a reliable crew can make or break a recital. Your volunteers and any paid crew need to be recruited early so that they too can be involved at the all-important rehearsal stage.


Once you have the basics sorted, it’s time to advertise your event. Take to social media, run a competition to win tickets, and send out emails to all of your loyal followers inviting them to come along. This is where your theme will come in well, as you can use it to advertise your event in a really effective way. Don’t forget about the power of word of mouth either. Everyone in the recital should be spreading the word to everyone they know so that you’re not left with an empty audience on the big night.


If you can garner some interest, sponsors can help boost your costume budget if you agree to advertise for them. The way to do this is to include them on all of your promotional material. Not only online, but any banners or flyers as well, and especially on the programmes that are given out to the audience. Sponsorship can really make putting on a recital worthwhile and can help with any eminent cash-flow problems before the event.


These are a must for the night of. Everyone wants to be able to look at a programme and have an idea of what to expect throughout their night. You need to get these designed and printed well in advance and ensure that there will be copies for everyone who is attending. Triple check the proofreading so that none of the dancers get their names spelt wrong.

Let Everyone Relax

With all of this talk about rehearsals, and the big recital night looming, it can be difficult to remember that everyone needs a little bit of down time. In the days leading up to the recital, make sure that you don’t keep the dancers too late. The need time to unwind and relax so they can give their best performance. The same goes for you. It’s important to take some time away from organising and just enjoy the experience.

Organising a dance recital is no easy task, but once you have the basics sorted, the rest will all come together. Don’t neglect advertising your recital in the panic of rehearsals, and you’re sure to have a full-house of very excited patrons to see all of your hard work pay off.

FAQs Dance Studios in London

Why book a dance studio in London for your next event?

If you’re looking to book a venue for an event in London, have you considered the possibility of booking a dance studio? London is home to an impressive range of accessible, spacious and accommodating dance studios that are ideal for hosting a wide variety of different events. Suitable for all kinds of events and perfect for accommodating a range of different budgets, dance studios in London can be found in a fantastic range of locations throughout the city. Easy accessible via public transport, London’s dance studios are also incredibly versatile, especially if you are planning a blank canvas event in the capital.

What types of events can you host in a dance studio?

With their generous open plan space, incredible versatility, and flexibility when it comes to budget, there’s no surprise that an increasing amount of people are booking a dance studio for their events. But what type of events can you host at a dance studio? • Musical performances • Yoga classes • Private dance classes • Singing lessons • Workshops • Team building days • Hen or stag party activities • Children’s activities • Private events • Photoshoots • Video shoot Ultimately, if you’re hosting an event that requires a lot of movement, hiring a dance studio in London should be your first port of call. Oh, and remember, the vast majority of dance studios also have a lot of natural light too.

What is a dance studio?

Dance studios come in all different shapes and sizes, but the vast majority of them offer a generous, wide open space that is perfect for facilitating a wide range of different activities. Many are also mirrored, creating an even greater feeling of space. Many dance studios are blank canvases that provide enough space for people to move freely, whether they are dancing or taking part in another activity.

How many dance studios are there in London?

As London is the dance and performing arts capital of the UK, you will find hundreds of spacious and accommodating dance studios dotted in and around the capital. With this in mind, finding a dance studio to hire in London shouldn’t be too challenging!

How much does it cost to hire a dance studio in London?

Hiring a dance studio in London can cost you as little as approximately £10 per hour for a small dance space, through to £600 per hour for prestigious venues that are able to accommodate hundreds of people. If you’re looking to hire a dance studio in London for a day, you can expect to pay anything from £140 - £1300.

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